Am I overpaying for
a loan?

Patron saves your time and especially your nerves. You don't have to go anywhere, call anyone or fill out annoying forms. Download the only app that will completely review and heal your finances. Join more than 40 000 Czechs who are already getting smart about it.

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No more stress from dealing with your finances


Save time

Patron checks all your regular payments automatically. You don't have to go anywhere or call anyone. It saves you dozens of hours of your valuable time.


All in one place

Phone carrier, bank, energy provider, insurance company... Everything online in one app. No more stressing and searching for something all the time. Patron remembers everything for you so you don't have to.


Cheaper payments

Patron has your back. If it finds you can pay less for something, he'll handle it for you! Patron's financial specialists will gladly deal with a bank or a phone carrier. You don't need to stress.


Safety first

Under ČNB supervision

Under ČNB supervision

Patron uses the PSD2 directive, which applies throughout the EU, to view clients' transaction history. Everything is under the supervision of Czech National Bank.

TLS encrypted

TLS encrypted

Your data is completely safe. Everything is encrypted and the data transfer between your bank and the app takes place on secured data streams.

Passive preview

Passive preview

The app always requests only passive access to the client's transaction history. The app obviously does not know your login details. Only the data is sent directly by your bank.

This is how Patron works

Download the app

Download the app

You can find it on Google play or the App store under the name Patron GO: finanční antivirus. Don't worry, it doesn't take up much space. You'll download it in a minute.

Sign up

Sign up

Complete registration only takes a minute. Patron will ask you to fill in a few general details, such as your postcode. This is to make it more accurate for subsequent payment checks.

Your bank will send a statement to the app

Your bank will send a statement to the app

In the process, the app redirects you to your bank, where you log in and allow it to send your online statement directly to the app for review.

Then it all happens automatically

Then it all happens automatically

The app will mark the payments you should check. If you choose to do so, Patron specialists will be happy to help you via chat.


Patron in media


“Czechs lose up to 30 000 CZK a year in overpriced payments. Patron GO antivirus comes up with solution.”


“The Patron GO app is expanding to Europe. Slovakia will be the first country, followed by Poland and other European markets.”


“People spend between 25 and 35 billion CZK a year unnecessarily. They would like to save money, but they don't know how. Patron GO app offers a solution.”

What our customers say


The Patron GO app was recommended to me by a friend. I tried it and Patron revealed four expensive payments. I discounted two of them through the app. I was linked to a specialist who offered me a cheaper service and set me up right away. I discounted my car and life insurance. All in all, that's 17 800 CZK for the year.

Dana Kadeřábková, librarian

What I love about the app is that it keeps track of my finances on an ongoing basis. I go back to it every month and it always offers me a better deal or shows me opportunities where I can still save. I also don't have to spend time in bank or insurance companies because I can do everything online.

Michal Lipovský, logistics worker

I have recommended the app to my four friends. They downloaded it and connected the bank. We all met the conditions to get 200 CZK reward for each new sign up. Everything went well. I saved and earned an extra 800 CZK.

Martina, hairdresser
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Patron in action

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Patron will reward you

To make dealing with finances less boring for you, Patron will give you loyalty points for every payment you have checked. You can then choose great prizes from a catalogue of rewards.

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